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What to Expect from a Home Bra Fitting


If you’ve never had a bra fitting you might be wondering what to expect, will you need to take your bra off, will the fitter leave the room, will I be able to change in another room, so let me put your mind at rest.


A fitting is a very relaxed, casual time, my aim is to make you feel at ease and comfortable.


You will be in our own home or place of your choice; we will have a chat about styles, shapes, what problems you might have had with bra fit, any likes and dislikes, wires, non-wired etc.


I will of course need to see you in your bra but you will never need to take your bra off to be measured; in fact, I can measure over a fitted vest if it makes you feel more comfortable.


After measuring, I will show you some bras to try on.  You might decide to try bras on in another room but I will turn away if you stay in the same room, you decide as long as you’re comfortable. I will need to see you in the bras to check for fit, adjust straps, to make sure the cups and band are fitting correctly.


Before too long we will have found the perfect bra for you!


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